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                                                  Whatever your current profits are,
                                                          We guarantee we’ll make it better
                                                                    Or else, you don’t pay.
At Power Plan Marketing we have proven ways to give your business a quick increase in profits.  So join the group of clever entrepreneurs and other executives, who have uncovered how to extensively decrease chances taken. By paying only for accomplishment… and results.

In this tough economy, who makes you a ton of money and you pay them
only after you’ve banked your profits? Really, who does that?
You might be thinking my agent, my employees, my sales reps. Those are all possible answers, however at Power Plan Marketing we do just that.

These days who wants to be paying out money for services without a guarantee of a high return on their investment?  If you’re currently advertising through an agency you would be familiar with the various cost segments below.

Print media, such as newspapers, newsletters, magazines, circulars and signs are not
the most costly. However they  take quite a bit out of your pocket in advance payments. On the other hand you will feel the costs a lot more with electronic media, such as television and radio. Television advertising is often very expensive, and the return on investment (ROI) isn't always high enough for a small or medium-sized business to justify the expenditure. Radio ads can be produced locally and are usually less costly but they provide no way of physically showing what your product looks like.

Now wouldn’t you rather have a way to market your business, without having to come up with all that money upfront? And pay
only after you’ve made your profits?

Wouldn’t you also prefer to spend your money on making your product or service better, and pay only for marketing performance?  

Then we are exactly what you’re looking for!

You see what makes us different, is that we’re confident we can help your business increase its profits
. With a series of marketing campaigns, that’s already been proven extremely effective. Therefore there is no need for you to spend excess money experimenting on systems that may not bring you a fair return on your investment.

You are exposed to over 36,000 advertising messages per day. Commercial clutter has grown by 1,000% over the past 5 years. The cost of advertising has tripled. The effectiveness of the adverts has fallen by 50%.
You now get 50% of the results for three times the cost, and competition is getting higher than ever before.

Without our services you run the risk of losing the following to your immediate competition:
• Exclusivity to our services
• Increase in the amount of Profits coming into your business by about 30% without any risk to you.
• Paying only for results instead of promises when it comes to advertising.
• Prevention of, around 20% annual customer attrition.
• Tactful reactivation of your inactive customers, resulting in big dollars.
• Creation of back end sales without increasing your overhead or the time it takes to sell the back end.
• The opportunity to benefit from someone else’s advertising and marketing activities.
• Easy ways to double the amount of prospects you are currently exposed to.
• The ability to create new streams of increasing, passive income.
• Proven systems to double the value you offer your clients, without increasing your cost of sales.
Strategic ways to increase the amount of times customers visit your business by 30%
• Current ways to double the amount of customers in your business with no cost or risk to you

How much money does
30%, 50% or even 110% increase in profits affect your bottom line? Or would you rather lose thousands of dollars and your valuable customers to your immediate competition? Don't wait untill it's too late.

Contact us now for more details http://powerplanmarketing.com/contact-.html and we'll be happy to help you.

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